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Do You Know These Golf Facts and Trivia

We know you love the game, but we would like to test your golf knowledge with these facts and trivia. Whether you are playing on a traditional course or in an indoor golf center that offers high-tech amenities, you can have fun discovering these tidbits about the sport you love!

  1. Did you know that balls travel significantly further on hot days? A golfer swinging a club at around 100 mph will carry the driver up to 8 yards longer for each increase in air temperature of 25 degrees F.
  2. Called the Grand Slam of golf, the four major events in professional golf are the following: the British Open, the Masters, the U.S. Open, and the PGA Championships.
  3. A player is yet to win all four grand slam tournaments in a year! Tiger Woods came the closest winning all four consecutively over two years. He got his first ace at age 8.
  4. The first golf balls were made of thin leather stuff with feathers. These tightly packed feathers enable the balls to flew the farthest, and balls of this kind were used until year 1848.
  5. Did you know the origins of the term “birdie”? It came from an American named Ab Smith. While playing in 1899, Smith played what he described as a “bird of a shot,” which eventually became “birdie.” Birdie was one shot less than par for a hole; something better and rarer than it is called an eagle, meaning two under par for a hole. An albatross, on the other hand, is a rare three under.
  6. Here’s another historical golf trivia: the sport was banned in Scotland from 1457 to 1502, as they wanted to ensure that their citizens would not waste time when preparing for an English invasion. King James II wanted military personnel to concentrate on pursuits like archery, which fitted their profession more.
  7. Have you ever wondered where the golf term “caddie” came from? It originated from Mary Queen of Scots use of French cadets to assist in her play while she studied in the country.
  8. Golf is usually deemed related to the Belgian game Chole and the Dutch game Kolven, which are both stick and ball games. However, in the latter two, you do not have to get the ball into a hole, which is the real challenged posed by golf.
  9. The driver swing speed of an average female golfer is 62 mph, while it is 96mph for an average LPGA professional. It’s 84 mph for an average male golfer, and 108 mph for an average PGA Tour player. If you’re interested to know, the average of Tiger Woods is 130 mph.

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