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Extra Essentials You Need in Your Golf Bag

Serious golfers will consider carrying the following items in their golf bag. These readily available, easy-to-carry items that will spell a great difference in your game – or in your overall convenience! We bet these are things you are likely forgetting about, so go revise your golf bag essentials!

  1. Medical kit – Take a Ziploc bag add the following basic items: band-aids, ibuprofen, chapstick, sunblock, and white adhesive tape. You can also throw in some wet wipes.
  2. Handy snacks and water – Let’s face it: there are times when you start bonking or simply feel a little distracted during a round of golf. If this is the case, it will be handy to have some healthy snacks, which include granola bars, little raisin boxes, or some jerky of your choice. while some carbs will help, make sure you veer away from super sugary treats because they will make you crash later on. Water is another must-have, because you don’t want to get dehydrated out there.
  3. Microfiber towels – Keep a couple inside your golf bag, placing them in a Ziploc container. They will wipe away sweat, clean your gear, or offer a dry spot for your grips in case you lay your clubs don on damp or dewy areas.
  4. Extra gloves – Buy a replacement and put the used, worn-out glove in a Ziploc bag. We recommend about 4-5 extra gloves in your bag, in case it starts raining lightly when you are playing on the course. This can help you maintain a proper grip of the club.
  5. Extra socks – An extra pair will be very helpful if your feet perspire too much. They will offer a fresh solution and they weight next to nothing!
  6. Business cards – A little networking is a good thing, and you can easily throw a few in one of your small zippered bags. You will never know who you will meet this time on the course, so be ready with your next big encounter!
  7. Extra shoe laces – These can be obtained from a pro shop or a golf store, and in case you’re in mid-round and you decide you want to re-tighten your shoelaces (and they break!), you will no longer be screwed. If playing in a tournament, this essential becomes all the more important. If your shoe and its fit do not feel right, then expect them to mess with your mind and your performance.

Keep posted for more golf news and features, whether you prefer playing on a traditional course or in an indoor golf center with your family or colleagues!

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