Golf Beginner Tips

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Golf Beginner Tips

As a beginner, the amount of things to learn can get to you – they can overwhelm you and even run the risk of distracting you from your play or turning you off entirely. Here is a mini-guide to help you figure out where to start and what to focus on while you’re starting out. Whether you are playing on a traditional course or in an indoor golf center, these are practical first steps to give you the big picture of golf and what to concentrate on as a beginner.

  1. Master a great set up position – The ball in golf, unlike in many other sports, does not move, which means you are able to prepare yourself perfectly for every shot. Setting up correctly seems a little insignificant, which is why many tend to overlook it. Some tips under this technique is to watch lessons and tips to master a great golf set up; keep a golf club at hand at home or in your office, spending time every day to adopt the ideal set up; and stay away from the practice range until you have mastered the set up position.
  2. Ingrain the checkpoints of a good swing – After mastering a perfect set up position, start to build a great golf swing. There is no one single, perfect golf swing, but there are elements and positions that can make it easier to control and consistent. There are many videos available online to help you do this step, breaking the golf swing down into various stages and providing a couple of checkpoints to work on your own. It’s helpful to have a full-length mirror to check your swing, and to visit the range as you work through your lessons.
  3. Develop a great short game – The say golf is all about the short game, and this saying has wisdom in it! It is your pitching, chipping, and putting that will ultimately get the ball close and into the hole. As a beginner, be less concerned about embarrassing yourself than focusing on spending time on your short game and therefore improving your full golf swing. Other tips include keeping a wedge at hand when at home or in the office, spending time to adopt the ideal set up and technique. You can also practice your putting at home.
  4. Practice with a purpose – Many golf pros abide by the saying “practice makes permanent, not perfect” because practicing that comes with purpose make it less so frequent in the long run! Do not be one of those golfers who pond ball after ball, hoping repetition alone will make them better. Most of the time it doesn’t, so pay attention to smart golf practice and trying out intelligent tips.

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