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Golf Simulators - A Range of Benefits

We don’t doubt your love for the game. And we ourselves love golf and its different persuasions! But let’s admit it: it is difficult to get out to the links on certain times and occasions. In this case, a golf simulator just might be a great idea, as it can recreate the environment of a golf course using digital graphics or projection and allows playing a course in a rather small space and with limited equipment. Indoor golf centers have mushroomed in many parts of the world and offer a gold simulation experience that feeds one’s golf lust.

You can avail of golf simulators at many pro shops, indoor gold clubs, and set one up in the comfort of your own home. Here are some benefits of using this genius development:

  1. It’s weatherproof game! A driving range can provide a perfect sense of the weather conditions for a day on the course, a golf simulator can be used and taken advantage of every day, whether it rains or the sun shines. It’s set up indoors, so you can practice your swing all you want, regardless if the weather is in a foul mood outside.
  2. Space is hardly an issue. Not a lot of people have enough room in their yard to install a putting green, driving range, or short play practice field. On the other hand, a golf simulator takes up very small space and still enables great play. Many simulators need only enough to allow a full swing to happen, with a ceiling around 9 ½ feet high. If you have a 10 by 15 foot room, it will likely be all right! Players typically install a simulator in their garage, too.
  3. Flexibility counts. Many golf simulators come with software for more than one golf course. This way you can switch settings and play a new course once you have mastered the first one. This keeps the game fresh, exciting, and challenging enough to encourage sharpening up your golf skills.
  4. It’s relatively low-cost. What you need at the very least are playing space, a computer, and a projector. There are players who also buy a net, though this is optional depending on where the simulator is installed. Your investment can be heavier than this, but if budget is an issue that a very simple setup will suffice and can cost only a few hundred dollars.
  5. You use your own equipment. Indoor video games are cool, but unlike them golf simulators allow using your own club and balls. This provides a better feel for how your equipment works when you use various approaches.
  6. There’s an education component to it. Most golf simulators come with an instructional aid that uses a video camera or sensors, or a combination of both. They track the movement of the cub head as it approached the ball, strikes it, and finishes the swing. The information is downloadable and offers swing analysis and a checklist of things to help you improve.

If you are not keen on investing on your own golf simulator, joining or playing in an indoor golf center can work wonders for your game and your enjoyment of golf.

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