How to Prevent Golf Injuries

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How to Prevent Golf Injuries

Golf, a leisurely sport, boasts of a lower risk of injury compared to most other sports. However, keep in mind that injuries can still happen and precautions should therefore be in place. For instance, there could be lower back, wrist, elbow, head, and eye injury, and the causes can include employing incorrect technique, overuse, hitting the ground instead of the golf ball, and aggravation of a previous or existing injury.

Here are some tips for you to avoid incurring injury from playing golf:

  1. Warm up and stretch! You should pay particular attention your back, arms, and shoulders. We recommend gentle mobility exercises, followed by gentle air swings or ball hits with the use of short irons, a type of golf club.
  2. Use good equipment, including shoes, socks, and gloves. Have your golf equipment professionally fitted before you purchase them.
  3. Wear sun protection when playing in a traditional course, such as using protective clothing, hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen. Take note of the hottest months of the year.
  4. Stay properly hydrated. Drink plenty of pure, clean water before, during, and after your game.
  5. Take lessons, as good form and technique can be an excellent defense against injuries. For instance, stand at least four club lengths away from a swinging club, and stand behind a swing in progress in your group.
  6. Observe the rules and proper etiquette of playing golf. For instance, make sure that no person is standing close by before swinging. The group in front should be out of the way before you play. Warn danger to players and spectators by shouting “fore.”
  7. Clubs should be lifted and carried safely and properly. Use a buggy if it’s necessary.
  8. If the day is marked by extreme heat, reconsider playing. Prefer doing the game early in the morning or twilight to avoid the hottest hours of the day. Dehydration and similar symptoms are a real threat.
  9. Once an injury has already occurred, stop playing right away. Seek first aid or medical attention for the injury, regardless of how severe it may be.

Whether playing in outdoors or in an indoor golf center or facility, it is important to consider your safety and well-being of utmost importance. The game can bring about profound health and wellness benefits, but only if you play properly and with safety in mind. The same precautions apply and are even more crucial for children playing golf. Keep posted for more of these golfing tips and advice on the site!

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