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Improve Your Game! Golfing Do’s and Don’ts

Here are additional tips and techniques from Men’s Fitness if you are serious about the game of golf and want to get better. These include things to avoid doing!

  1. DO: Reserve enough time for warming up properly – Get to the course 30 to 45 minutes before teeing off. Warm-up is an integral part of the game, including hitting 20 to 25 wedges, doing a few middle irons, and doing 10 to 15 3-woods and drivers. If putting, allow about 10 minutes; avoid hitting two balls on the range.
  2. DON’T: Warm up with every club – Attempt to devote some time to for each club that you are going to use on the golf course. Focus on your driver, wedge, and putter. But instead of four or five clubs, you may focus on two to three, working on different situations with each.
  3. DO: Keep your hands in front of the club – The club is designed to be struck this way: you hit crisp chip shots and work on your distance control this way. Don’t fall into what many amateurs do, which is to start flicking the ball to aim it. It is hard to hit a solid shot doing this. The only time you allow the club past your hands is on a flop shot, when you are hitting sand or turf below the ball.
  4. DON’T: Let a good or bad shot throw you off your game – It’s best to put every shot out of your head right away. To try to rebound after a bad hole, go back to your tempo and process and rhythm, and cling to your routine. Be positive about the next shot after a bad one, because if you end up having too much pressure, you’re more likely to fail. Master the mental component of the game, too.
  5. DO: Take loose swings – Do not kill the ball with every shot. While this doesn’t mean you should limit your effort into every turn, you should avoid trying and getting a hole in one every give time.
  6. DON’T: Stand stiff – If you are a righty, keep your weight on your left side, and vice-versa if you are a lefty. This way your chip shot will be a lot more crisp. Get to down to check the line and gauge when putting. Picture the ball rolling: strive for matching line and speed.

Every time you golf is a great opportunity to correct your previous mistakes and get better. Improvement can be achieved whether you play on a traditional course or indoor golf center, so the weather and other conditions are no longer an excuse to not practice. Keep posted for more of these golfing news and advice!

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