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Life Lessons That Golf Can Teach Your Child

It doesn’t matter if your child is just starting out playing golf, or if he or she is doing it on a traditional course or in an indoor golf facility. He or she can get precious life lessons from the game, apart from proving to be a meaningful, skill-sharpening pursuit. Street Directory published 10 life lessons for your junior golfer – here are some of them.

For starters, it can teach a child humility and respect, through showing courtesy to others, communicating properly, and showing good sportsmanship. All play, in fact, is punctuated by an exchange of handshakes! There’s also punctuality, mainly through complying with tournament schedules. If it says “Tee time is at 9:00,” the players should be on the tee box at 8:55. If you fail to appear on time, you will be automatically disqualified and no excuses accepted. This is a lesson that is rather tough o learn, but your child can carry it throughout life.

Safety is another integral part of golf. Golf balls and clubs can be a handful and potentially dangerous, so the rules dictate that players prioritize safety. Your child will learn to not take practice swings in the direction of another person, not to swing clubs when a person is walking by, and not to hit into a group playing in front. This safety rules spread onto other areas of life, such as doing other sports and activities at home.

By playing golf, your child will also learn to value moments of quiet and concentration. For one, quiet is required all the time on the golf course. Young kids can take a while to practice this, but it’s a life skill worth taking further and they grow older. In addition, children can learn thoughtful visioning. Before a tournament, your child will likely mentally and visually play the course, and this exercise teaches how to achieve goals.

Another life lesson is problem solving – tournament play can be made more challenging by factors such as the rain, wind, trees, sand traps, and deep rough. These are a normal part of the game and can be used as a wonderful chance to problem-solve cleverly and to work toward personal growth and improvement. Furthermore, golf encourages focus, requiring knowing the physics of hitting the ball and having intense mental and emotional focus. Regaining clear focus also entails silencing the inner critic post-bad shot.

Other life lessons for junior golfer are practice (yes, it makes perfect), persistence, and the art and science of listening. Corrections should be applied along the way, and your little champion should also be open to being coached and mentored. Finally, there’s graciousness, and being respectful to adults. It goes from thanking and shaking hands with competitors after every tournament, thanking tournament officials as well, and even creating a handwritten note of gratitude for them because of a great game.

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