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Golfzon Korea

Golfzon Co., Ltd
898, Tamnip-Dong, Yuseong-Gu
Daejeon 305510
South Korea




Play different – this is the rallying cry of Golfzon, which claims that while Scotland remains the home of the sport, Korea is where virtual golf or simulation golf begins. It has been producing golf simulators since 2000 and now “commands the biggest market share in the global golf simulator industry.” It helps people get easier access to the sport and significantly lowers barriers to becoming a golfer and enjoying it to new heights.

Golfzon helps you achieve a fabulous indoor golf experience with its technological advances, such as the Golfzon vision sensor that precisely measures club trace, impact, and ball reactions. It exactly reproduces the same as the actual shots, and realizes draw, fade, and lob shots. You may also experience real slope of bunker through the Golfzon Swing Plate, which creates various slopes that align to ground level for comfort during tee shots and putting. It adjusts the slops in detail for iron shots, and delivers vividness and reality in the golf course through realistic greens and bunker mats. The company, too, boasts of a “dominant superiority” based on its 200 R & D workforces and 250 patents.

Just what is in store for Golfzon customers? Here are some of them:

  • Golf courses and driving ranges – Its indoor driving range offers an optimized environment for users to concentrate on practicing regardless of time, weather or season, which 3D graphic created virtual golf courses.
  • Indoor golf lounge – Golf Café is a new concept business of indoor golf culture and used by over 4,000 individuals per hour in Korea, with growing numbers. It is equipped with luxe interiors, professional services, and simulators for superb entertainment value and playing success.
  • VISION for Driving Range – Golfers can fly the ball and analyze shot data at the same time, or play virtual golf rounds. VISION for Driving Range is a good choice on the table, unmatched by other driving ranges
  • Hotels and resorts – Golfzon’s accommodations offer a nice experience to clients and encourage longer stay. The virtual golf appeals to various ages and gender and make room for a perfect leisure point.

Hardly with any doubt, Golfzon is the soundest option in South Korea for serious golfers because of its leadership in simulation technology and facilities. It makes a well-rounded indoor golfing experience within easy reach through its high-tech professionalized services that are not readily offered by just any company. World-class and attuned to growing golfing needs, it is a good investment if you want to venture into enhancing your golfing skills and potential.

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