Thailand Pga Tour

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Thailand PGA Tour events are part of the Asian Tour. The Asian Tour was established in the year 2004 to bring professional tournament golf to Asia. Whether you are a fan, beginner, or professional golfer, you can find outstanding resources at the best rated indoor golf instruction venues.

Thailand PGA Tour

The Asian Tour is the recognized official governing body of professional golf in Asia. The tour is the only professional golf tour in Asia with world recognition and prestige. The events on this tour offer Official World Ranking status and the money events on this tour are factored in World Golf Ranking points for the pro golfers participating in these tournaments.

The Thailand PGA Tour has increased interest in golf in the country and many other Asian countries. The events and tournaments on this tour attract professional golfers from Thailand, other Asian countries, and around the world. The tournaments are broadcast to millions of fans in countries throughout the world, which attracts golfers to destinations throughout Asia.

Play like the Pros on the Thailand PGA Tour

Are you a fan of PGA golf? Do you watch the professional golfers and want to play like them? You can get the training you need and use equipment used by professional golfers at the top rated indoor golf centers. There are state of the art facilities in Bangkok Thailand and many cities around the world that offer golf programs, lessons, and memberships to improve your game.

If you are seeking the best golf centers to practice and improve your game, look for indications that the facility offers quality service and effective instruction. Some of the things to evaluate include the programs that are available for students, golf programs, instructors, and equipment that is used in each facility. You can find this information in the reviews on our website.

Reviews of Indoor Golf Facilities

Additional information and reviews of the best golf learning facilities can be found on our website. Please take a few moments to read through the reviews, compare facilities, read articles on our blog,and discover the best facility in Bangkok Thailand and other cities. We hope you will find the detailed reviews to be valuable in your quest to improve your game.

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