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XciteGolf Asia

Xcite Golf Academy Bangkok
Marriott Executive Apartments
90 Sukhumvit Soi 24, Klongton, Klongtoey
Bangkok Thailand 10110




Know as Asia’s #1 Indoor golf center, Xcite Golf in Bangkok Thailand, offers the “easiest and fastest way” to excel in golf by using state of the art teaching technologies, a standardized swing analysis system, and PGA tour proven coaching methods. Xcite Golf offers the tour-proven Xcite Golf 5-step game improvement system, which is an easy-to-learn and designed for golfers of all ages and playing levels to quickly improve their playing skills. Xcite Golf’s entire focus is to have students improve faster than they would improve using traditional teaching methods at driving ranges. Xcite seems to be be on to something with all of their success and their average of over one thousand lesson hours given per month. That’s a lot of people using their system and all in the convenience of a climate controlled indoor center. Our team took a visit and liked what they saw.

Their tour-proven 5-step training system results from thousands of lessons provided by some of the world’s best golf instructors, including US Top 50 PGA Instructor Brian Mogg, coach of YE Yang’s 2009 Major championship. “Fundamentals,” as Mogg says, “First learn the fundamentals and verify what you think you are feeling with the latest teaching technologies and you will learn faster.” All fist time Xcite Golf students can receive a FREE lesson and trial pass, allowing you to evaluate the experience before deciding to take your game to new heights and power.

Your journey with Xcite Golf starts with a 1 hour SGA certified (Standardized Golf Assessment) swing evaluation and assessment by a Certified PGA Golf Professional, where your swing and its sequence and efficiency will be video-recorded and analyzed with the latest teaching technologies including TrackMan, K-Vest, BodiTrak and SamPutt Lab. TrackMan will quickly verify your most important swing tendencies and accurately record your ball flight and club path data for every swing so you can quickly identify your strengths and areas for improvement. After your initial swing assessment students then are given swing improvement plans that focus on quickly improving each student most pressing needs so they too can master the proven “X-Factors” you see in professional golf swings such as proper back swing, proper transition sequence, proper impact position and proper finish. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, your improvement will be measured and verified for power, consistency, and accuracy again using the industry’s best leading ball tracking system, Trackman.

One of Xcite’s top selling points is their SGA-standardized golf assessment certified program. This program was developed in collaboration with experts in golf, physical fitness, and biomechanics, and is the first “standardized student assessment system” in the world. Xcite Golf is also the first certified center in Asia to offer SGA assessments. It makes learning and improving more consistent and fun, as there is a concrete improvement plan and verifiable results for players of all skill levels. In the 1 hour structured SGA assessment, you will be analyzed for mobility, balance, swing dynamics, equipment fit, and the most importantly ball data for your current swing. All this information is captured quickly and saved to compared to your swing data after you complete your improvement plans. 97.5% of all golfers show strong improvement with this system.

This testing method raises Xcite Golf above most competitors and is a strong reason why Xcite Golf is “changing how people learn golf.” Xcite’s high-quality learning experience, using technology and verified results, is a fun, enjoyable and proven way for both beginners and pro-aspirants to quickly improve their golf game. The free assessment and trial pass are enticing offers that allow you to fully understand their teaching and coaching process and see how the program fits your goals and preferences. The testing and improvement process is time- and cost-efficient, and the Xcite Golf center in Bangkok provides a world-class mentoring and learning opportunity for players of all levels, especially if your aim is a more powerful and repeatable golf swing.

With all of their success its understandable why Xcite Golf is now offers licensing and franchise opportunities for qualified candidates. Visit for more information.


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