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What Is Considered Proper Golf Attire

What you wear when playing gold is part of the game’s decorum, especially when playing in a traditional golf course of club. This is an unspoken etiquette that players follow, but can also be explicitly noted by golf courses that have a dress code. These dress codes are hardly as restrictive as PGA Tour rules, but they make sure that beginners and amateurs comply with protocols to help maintain golf traditions.

For starters, you should check with course management about their dress code. Many indoor golf centers do not have dress codes, but you should check just the same. Here are other details about what could be considered proper golfing attire:

  1. Shirts – Golf courses nearly always require men to wear collared shirts. This is traditionally cotton, microfiber, or polyester-made golf shirts. There are modern ones allowed, including a turtleneck style collar. As for women, they golf tops vary widely, and may come with or without collars, but still satisfy traditional requirements. No tube tops or bathing suit tops are allowed, as well as tank tops for both men and women.
  2. Pants – Long pants made of cotton or polyester blend are usually worn by men. There could also be dress shorts with a pleated or flat front. There are courses that allow jeans, but there those that don’t. Women, on the other hand, should wear long trousers, dress shorts, capris, or golf skirts, which come with a cut pleat or V-notch on the front or side and allow for golf swing motion (and come with an undershort).
  3. Shoes – Golf shoes help stabilize your swing and allow for traction when you’re walking. They are also comfortable and help you last several hours of play. They include spikes on the soles, too. Other types of shoes that may offer comfort and stability may sound like a good idea, but they are not permitted on golf courses. These include sandals and boots.
  4. Socks – These are necessary with golf shoes and have become an important golf attire component. You can choose to wear ankle-length socks, or traditional tube ones. The type of socks is usually not specified by a course dress code, but of course they should complement your clothing!
  5. Hats – These are not specified most of the time, but appropriate headgear is best worn. Popular on golf courses are baseball-style hats or visors for both men and women. They offer protection from the sun. Other options include straw hats and Ben Hogan caps. Avoid wearing cowboy hats, fedoras, and beanies, to name a few.

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