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Why Your Child Should Play Golf

Have you ever wondered about why you should introduce your child to playing golf? Here are some ways the sport can be very beneficial to his or her growth and well-being – whether doing it in a traditional golf course or an indoor golf center.

For starters, the teachings of the game are rich and multifaceted. In fact, it isn’t a stretch when we say that it will help mold our kids into responsible adults! Golf has a standard of behavior or ethics, and personal skills and attributes such as integrity, courtesy, and respect for others are developed in playing it, regardless of the competition level. Like other sports and activities, it helps your child use good judgment and encourages sportsmanship and camaraderie.

Family time is also well-spent playing golf together! It is one game that families can learn and play together. The handicap system created to determine your golfing ability and potential can be instrumental here, as you, the parent, can actually compete with your child even if he or she plays from different tee boxes or at a different skill level. Even the grandparents can get involved and you all can enjoy this game for years.

In a practical sense, golf can also help your child earn a college scholarship. Accomplished young golfers coming out of high school are offered these scholarships, which assist in the cost of higher education. Among those that give these out are state golf associations, junior golf organizations, corporate foundations, and equipment manufacturers, with the help ranging from book budgets to full scholarships to the school of choice. The good news is that the skill level is not a determining factor all the time – other considerations are good grades, community involvement, and employment at a golf center.

Business contacts and networks are also created in the word of the golf course. Your child will be able to build not only a career, a source of income (working there), or a potential niche, but also relationships that can last a long time. Showing professionalism and a good attitude, he can make the right connections with other people through this game.

Finally, there’s the matter of keeping peak fitness levels. It is no longer a surprise that a good percentage of American children and adolescents today are overweight or obese, and the weight problem is also happening in other countries. Golf isn’t usually associated with fitness, but its scientific program has proven that the nutrition, strength, or conditioning in the game are great contributors to proper exercise and fitness. Instead of your child becoming a couch potato or being engaged in less desirable activities, have him or enjoy tee time and the value of golfing.

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